Want To Know A Secret?

I lost weight!

The bigger secret?

I didn’t even try.

I weighed myself February 12th and came in at 10st 7lbs. At that time I was living in a stressful environment, doing no exercise and just cooking things that both myself and my housemate would eat. Since then, I’ve moved into my own place (which has set me back quite a bit financially but was definitely the right move), started doing yoga, and now only cook for myself or occasionally visitors. My weight has dropped to 9st 7lbs. It may not sound like much, 1 stone in 3 months, but I didn’t even try. All that changed were small lifestyle things e.g. less stress at home, tech curfew from 9.30pm, doing yoga (even though I’m not very diligent, I’m ashamed to admit!), and doing just my own cooking. I couldn’t figure out why I’d lost quite so much with so few changes, until I properly examined my eating habits. Obviously the yoga has helped but the biggest changes are in my diet. Since I moved out, I’ve been snacking less during the day and my evening meals are far more generous in terms of vegetables and yummy goodness, plus on a whole my portions are smaller. A prime example of a week’s evening meals:

Monday – Chicken pasta (1-2 chicken breasts, bog standard home-brand pasta, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 jar of pasta sauce, 3 cloves of garlic)

Tuesday – Fish and chips (1 breaded cod fillet, 1 small portion of chips, ½ small tin of salt free Green Giant sweetcorn, 1 egg fried in coconut spray-lite)

Wednesday – Sausage dinner (3 sausages oven-cooked, a small portion of some potato product, a handful of sugarsnap peas, a handful of baby corn and a pint of gravy made from granules)

Thursday – Chicken burritos/fajita bowls (1 chicken breast, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 sachet of fajita seasoning, approx. 200g of white rice boiled, and in the case of burritos 2 plain flour wraps)

Friday – Pepperoni pizza (because everyone needs a cheat day! I like to get the fresh ones from the local Morrisons)

Saturday – Some form of stew (a decent portion of meat – be it beef or chicken, 2 carrots, 2 small bags of new potatoes, 1 onion, half a pack of mushrooms or a full pack of button mushrooms, 1 litre of stock to which I add gravy granules later in the process, a small baguette sliced and buttered. I also add any other vegetables that I’ve got lying around)

Sunday – Mixed meat lasagne (a few lasagne sheets, 1 jar of lasagne tomato sauce, ½ jar of lasagne béchamel sauce, 1-2 red peppers, 1 yellow pepper, a generous helping of cheese – because I’m a sucker for it! – and whatever meat I’ve got in. A personal favourite is chicken, bacon lardons and Mexican chipolatas)

Even though I don’t eat particularly “healthily”, and I definitely don’t get my “5-a-day”, I never go hungry and I certainly can’t be doing bad because I’ve lost weight. Almost every meal I make has leftovers (depending on the meals, up to 5 portions!) so I just freeze them and then I have healthy, quick, and easy lunches for weeks by the time I’ve done that for a week.

My conclusion is that it’s not necessarily required to diet to lose weight, but rather small lifestyle changes highly benefit people like me who don’t like change and definitely can’t diet. I don’t have caffeine other than the occasional chai tea and I rarely consume more than a unit of alcohol in a day, so simply by tweaking what I eat to include more vegetables I’ve managed to improve my health to the point where I notice my jeans slipping down slightly and that I have more energy without sugar or caffeine.

I must admit, I’m getting a smoothie blender soon to hopefully make up breakfast smoothies and cut my snacking down even more – there’ll be a review up once I’ve had it for a week or so.

Don’t give up on losing weight just because you struggle to diet! Instead, try adjusting your daily routine in a way that is still more than manageable and see if you get any benefits from that approach. Goodness knows I did!

If this post has helped you please share it around and if you have any questions or feedback pop it in the comments: I’ll do my best to reply 😊

Namaste x