Exfoliation And Revitalisation – Face 

Sugar Face Scrub and Yoghurt Face Mask

I like to pair this with a lovely lavender bath following by an overnight peppermint foot soak for beautiful skin the next day.

Start with an aroma-therapeutic facial steam. Boil some water in a pan (it doesn’t have to be a lot). While it’s boiling, give your face a good wash and pat it dry gently. Once the water is nice and hot, remove it from the heat and add some herbs or essential oils  – my personal favourites for this are tea tree and eucalyptus. Sit with your head 5-10 inches over the bowl and a towel over your head for around 10 minutes.  Remember to put the bowl on some form of heatproof surface!

Combine 6 tsp granulated sugar with 3 tsp coconut oil and rub gently into the skin for a minute or so.

Once thoroughly cleansed and washed off, apply natural yoghurt and leave on for around 20 minutes. Organic honey can also be used instead of yoghurt at this stage.

Your face should feel lovely and clean and soft 🙂 I recommend doing this facial at night because your face may be very red! This can be a lovely one to do with the girls (or the boys!) because you can have a cuppa/bevvy and a chinwag while the yoghurt works its magic, or if you’re on your own you can enjoy a TV program or good book.