I Am A Yogini, I Am Me

I am a yogini. I try my hardest to do half an hour of yoga a day.

I am me. Sometimes, I don’t get out of bed until 11, and then play video games all day!

I am a yogini. I try to make sure my body gets all the nutrients it needs.

I am me. I sometimes order takeout pizza and chill for the evening with a glass of wine.

I am a yogini. I believe in the value of life, and that it all should be treated with respect.

I am me. I know full well that I could never become Vegan or Vegetarian, so I look for sustainable sources of meat and fish when I do purchase them.

I am a yogini. I own expensive yoga gear, funky leggings, a good sports bra and suitably ass-lifting undies.

I am me. I’m just as comfortable doing yoga in my PJs, with no make-up, even when my boyfriend is over.

I am a yogini. I do yoga in a proper studio, with a class, and I really enjoy it.

I am me. I equally enjoy doing my yoga at home in my living room, having a laugh with a friend at the same time.

I am a yogini. I can reach places of incredible peace and serenity, places that soothe my soul.

I am me. I am also still perfectly capable of blowing up over the smallest things.

I am a yogini. I aim to have my best control over my body and demonstrate grace and poise.

I am me. I have Tourettes, causing me sometimes severe facial twitches. I don’t care, and refuse to be embarrassed by it.

I am a yogini. I have met people who judge me based on my flexibility, on my size, on my diet, on my Tourettes, and on what I wear.

I am me. I don’t care what these people think, because it doesn’t matter if someone looks right, has perfect posture, is 100% vegan and has never had a lazy day in their life. There is one truth that makes a yogini a yogini. And it is this:


I am proud of who I am; all negatives, positives, and grey areas included.


I am a Yogini.

I am me.

I am happy.


Pi Yoga Pants

I am absolutely loving my new Pi Yoga Pants! They’re incredibly comfortable, being made of a soft and light material that’s really breathable even during the more heated and intense practices. However, both the stitching and the material are very sturdy, leaving me feeling that they’re perfectly capable of holding up well for a long period of time.  Despite being so light and cool the material is similar to good linen in the sense that there is no feeling of stifling but also no feeling of air rushing into the legs. As an added bonus, they are also completely opaque so there won’t be any embarrassing panties-on-display moments! The ankles and waist are almost ridiculously flexible, meaning they’ll still fit fine even if you happen to lose (or gain of course, but if you’re not trying to gain weight I hope it’s the former) a fair bit of weight, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them for being too big (or small). Plus, if you happen to eat a big meal – I don’t known about anyone else but I have a rather prominent food baby after a good meal – or have an unfortunate bloating moment, the waist elastic still never gets too tight, and forms a very wide band capable of covering most of the stomach, so they’re a lot comfier than the well-known button-undone jeans without having to pull them down at all. I have rather long legs for my height; being 5’10” but having a very long inside leg I struggle to find trousers that go all the way to my ankle, however the Pi Yoga Pants aren’t just long enough but actually have length to spare! They will fit absolutely fine on shorter legs though, and if you want to pull them up to half length etc the elastic has plenty of space to go over any part of the leg, including the knee. They are truly one of, if not the most, best fitting yoga pants I have ever come across. This remains true to the important but sadly often forgotten point that not only yoga, but fitness in general, can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pi yoga pants excellently embrace this.

I chose the Star Dust pair, which are a nice simple pale-greyish blue, to begin with but I will definitely be going with a brighter or patterned pair for my next order – I’ve got my eye on you Mystical Goddess. There are so many beautiful designs that it can be very hard to choose, but to start with I’d recommend going with a pair that matches your current workout tops. That way you don’t feel that you have to rush out and buy more. With most, if not all, of the designs, they’re so universal that you could wear them wandering around town as part of a chic and comfortable Boho outfit, at home doing the chores, as uber-comfy beachwear or on the mat: they’re suitable for every situation – the choice is yours! 

Sure, they may seem a little expensive at $40 a pair plus $23.99 delivery to the UK, but they went from placing the order to arriving through my letterbox in just a fortnight (from California!) and with the quality being so excellent the price really isn’t that bad (especially when you compare the quality vs the price that some UK companies charge). However, when ordering to the UK it is worth noting that you will get charged a decent customs bill, so it’s probably a good idea to get a couple people together and place a group order to reduce delivery and customs charges. This is the perfect excuse for your yoga class, if you attend one, to treat themselves to a gorgeous new pair of bottoms. However, they’re still worth every penny paid and I’m definitely going to be buying another pair as soon as possible. Plus, at the bottom of this post is a 20% discount code for you to use, and it never runs out! 

Pi Yoga Pants also come in Men’s, Children’s and Maternity, so there’s something for everyone. Again, this can be hard to come by when shopping for fitness or yoga wear in the UK. With the waistband being to stretchy and the material being so lovely and loose and comfortable I imagine they’d be absolutely perfect for expectant mothers, even if only as lounge pants, during all stages of the pregnancy. The children’s pairs are utterly adorable, and if the stitching is as sturdy as my pair they’ll withstand even some of the most rambunctious children’s activities, which is sure to make some happy mummies and daddies! The men’s designs are suitably simple and in subdued  colours such as black. After all,  I don’t know many men who would want a turquoise Save The Turtles pair personally (but to each their own!). 

Most importantly, Pi Yoga Pants have a wonderfully inspiring mission. 10% of the profits from every pair sold goes towards saving the sea turtles in Bali, with the current focus being restoring coral that was destroyed by previous dynamite fishing and increased water temperature (they sent a beautiful little information postcard in the package). And they’re definitely making changes for the better because one of the islands has stopped distributing plastic straws, switching to biodegradable bamboo straws instead! You can make a difference and help the environment and loom fabulous at the same time!
The pictures I’ve used for this post are non-modified pictures to help demonstrate my yoga at the beginning of my journey. At this point, I weigh 10st 3lbs, still get easily winded, and can’t for the life of me straighten both legs in downward dog. I’ll update periodically with my progress 😊 

Please feel free to use this discount code as many times as you like, and pass it on to yours friends so they can use it too! If you do use my code, tweet or Instagram me a photo; I’d love to hear from you all 🙂 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me a line either on email or Twitter and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Namaste x
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Pi Yoga Pants 20% Discount Code: piyogapants.0098

Redeem it here: Pi Yoga Pants 

Happy Pasta! 

Making happy pasta in the Sunday sunshine 😀 I love this dish because it’s super quick and easy, and really yummy! Growing up I acquired a tendency to make invention food (it became a family staple at one point) and this is one of my favourites because it’s also really healthy. Today I’ve gone for traffic light peppers, sweetcorn, spinach, slow cooked ham joint, penne pasta and a tomato and garlic passata for the sauce – normally I make my own but I don’t have a food processor yet. 

Simply boil up your pan of water with a small chunk of butter (a trick I learned from my American neighbour to stop the pasta sticking together) and a little himalayan rock salt, then add your pasta. Add the meat accordingly (some meats only take a minute to go hot and soft, some take foreeeever!). When your pasta is about 5 minutes off done, add all your veg and turn down the heat, but cover the pan. When it’s all done drain and add the sauce, along with any extra seasoning, and return to the hob for 5-10 minutes until it’s hot all the way through then serve with garlic bread and maybe a side salad 🙂 

It’s such an easy way to get all those lovely nutrients into the picky eaters (you know who you are) that it’s perfect for most group meals. I generally make a large pan at a weekend then split it into portions for lunches at work during the week, or choose and freeze a slightly larger tub then defrost and reheat it in a pan if I get a surprise visitor. 

I purposefully use lots of different colours in the veg to make it bright and cheerful, hence the name happy pasta! 

Comment with your own happy pasta ideas 🙂 

Fruit and Nut Energy Bars – Yum!

YW Fruit and Nut Energy BarsHi all,

I got my baking hat on last night before yoga and made these awesome fruit and nut energy bars.

I have a terrible habit of snacking my way through the morning but I had one of these beauties at half past 8 today and wasn’t hungry until nearly lunchtime! They’re really easy to make, cheap to get the ingredients for, and pretty healthy. I get around 12 bars per batch and each of those comes to just under 200 calories each, which is less than I used to snack through in 2 hours let alone all morning.

The recipe can be found here if you fancy giving them a go yourself 🙂

Namaste x

My First Yoga Class!

Today I attended my first ever yoga class with my friend, Emma (Emma’s Health Journey). It was amazing! Practising alone still holds a good deal of enjoyment, however having a class with a teacher allowed me to remove my brain even more than usual, leading to a truly excellent workout. Also, having other people to watch encouraged me to push myself a little more than when I’m on my own, and made me more determined to improve my capabilities to the point of being able to do the more advanced positions.

Everyone was really friendly and the teacher made a point to speak to each newcomer before the class began, making sure we knew what to expect and not push ourselves to pain etc. I’m already looking forward to going back at the same time next week!

Many thanks to Anjali (Yogakind) at Club Energy, Retford for the lovely class tonight and both Emma and myself will be back next week 🙂

Yogi Tea ☕ 

This is a recipe I got from a wonderful YouTube channel called Yoga With Adriene (you’ll be seeing a lot from her channel on here!) on making your own Yogi Tea. The original video by Adriene is here: https://youtu.be/-o8ZWkKZfiE

I made it for the first time last night following the instructions in the video, the recipe for which can now be found here.

It’s a lovely, warming brew perfect for any time of day or night because, depending on how you make it, it’s completely caffeine free. I make mine with Yorkshire Tea Decaf as the black tea component 🙂

Rather than making it in a pan like in the original instruction video I grind up all the ingredients and make my own teabags so I can take it to work for a brilliant midday pick-me-up.

The health benefits of this delicious brew are so numerous I can’t even really go into them all. The peppercorns and cardamom make a powerful decongestant, the ginger (herbal super-ingredient!) is excellent for settling your stomach, and the clove and cinnamon provide that beautiful warming sensation. Put it all together and you have a super-healthy, body-wide boosting tea that’s also wonderfully grounding – you feel calmer after a single sip. There are loads more benefits to every ingredient (I’ll go into these in a later post), and if you add a little honey and lemon juice this turns into a thoroughly strong flu-fighting, immune-boosting, most-illnesses-preventing tea.

Personally I like to have a cup first thing in the morning and either before meditation or after yoga, as well as whenever I need to calm down a little. I’ve not managed to get the other half to try it yet but I’m working on it 😉

Again all credit goes to Adriene for this lovely recipe!

My Journey Begins!

I’m a 23 year old engineer who has just moved into my own place. I’m unfit, undisciplined, and don’t eat particularly healthily. For me, this blog is a tool : something to help keep me on track with the self-improvement I desperately need, inside and out. For you, it can be amusement, motivation, or something completely different; if anything here helps even one person, I’ll be happy 😊

I’ve chosen yoga as my main focus but will be branching into all kinds of alternate remedies, naturopathic solutions, and generally more natural wellbeing. In my previous home I had a lot of stress, which combined with anxiety and Tourettes Syndrome led to a deep personal struggle. Now I’m free from there, I’m determined to make the most of it, and am honoured that you are willing to follow me on my journey; from stressed out, tense and mentally unwell to (hopefully!) someone who can be happy and healthy again.