So I had a moment last night…

The moment we all know and hate, that one when every dark and self-deprecating feeling you’ve ever buried comes rising up like a tidal wave and paralyses you with pain. All of a sudden, everything that is going right for you vanishes and it feels like all life wants to do is hurt you. Even facts that you know are completely unquestionable become twisted in your brain’s determination to reduce you to a blubbering wreck.

These are the times when you need people. It may be a friendly word or a cup of tea, or just a hug while you let it all out. This is why, even when you are lost in the pain, you must not push everyone away; they are the ones who can look into your feelings and go “hang on, this isn’t true and you know it” and help you come back into yourself. It’s the most valuable thing anyone can do for you in that moment, and the most valuable thing you can do for anyone else who is stuck in that moment.

It’s a bad habit of myself, personally, to try and hide the dark feelings from the people around me, and I bet most other people do it too. As people in a modern society we’re encouraged to not rely on anyone for anything, when in fact trusting and relying on people is the way to get the best out of ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re Not OK, because chances are they will want to help you through it, and they will probably need you to help them through something similar at some point. If you don’t have anyone physically there then reach out via phone and social media. Even complete strangers can be exactly what you need!

If you ever do need to reach out, feel free to message me on any of the following social media platforms (the Facebook page isn’t completely developed yet but it’s there if you want to contact me!) :

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Ginger Nuts! 

Well last night I tried making chocogingers 😀 I absolutely love baking, it’s a great anxiety and stress buster for me and not to toot my own horn but I’m not (normally!)  half bad at it either 🙂 Admittedly I burned the first batch, which was a combination of misreading my oven dial and squishing them a bit too flat to start with, but the second half-batch turned out OK! 

I used the recipe at the bottom of the post for this one, but I’ll list it here anyway because it’s super easy. 

Start by popping the oven on at about 170C (I did the second batch on 150C in my gas oven). Sieve 110g self-raising flour, 1tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1 heaped tsp of ground ginger, and 10g of cocoa powder into your mixing bowl. Cube up 50g of butter and add to the bowl. Crumble it all together until you get a breadcrumb-like texture then add 40g of granulated sugar and 50g of chocolate chips. Give it a good stir, then using a wooden spoon or silicone baking spatula to mix in 50g of golden syrup. It might take a bit of doing, but it’ll turn into a nice doughy texture! 

At this point I put mine in the fridge until my jacket potatoes had finished baking and the oven was free, but if you have the space you can go straight to portioning up! Make about 15-16 balls of dough, pop them on a greased or lined baking tray (they grow a lot so I’d recommend no more than 8 per tray) with even spacing and flatten just enough that they don’t roll around. Chuck them in the oven for about 20 minutes or until they’re golden brown then transfer to a wire rack to cool. Done! 

These biscuits are quick, easy, and super yummy. They’re also quite crunchy and therefore perfect with a cup of tea. I’ll definitely be doing these again with slightly tweaked ginger and chocolate quantities for personal preference. 

There are pictures of the process on my Instagram @yoginiwishes if you’re interested; if you make a batch yourself definitely put pictures up there and tag me, I’d love to see your work 🙂 

Namaste x



Pi Yoga Pants

I am absolutely loving my new Pi Yoga Pants! They’re incredibly comfortable, being made of a soft and light material that’s really breathable even during the more heated and intense practices. However, both the stitching and the material are very sturdy, leaving me feeling that they’re perfectly capable of holding up well for a long period of time.  Despite being so light and cool the material is similar to good linen in the sense that there is no feeling of stifling but also no feeling of air rushing into the legs. As an added bonus, they are also completely opaque so there won’t be any embarrassing panties-on-display moments! The ankles and waist are almost ridiculously flexible, meaning they’ll still fit fine even if you happen to lose (or gain of course, but if you’re not trying to gain weight I hope it’s the former) a fair bit of weight, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them for being too big (or small). Plus, if you happen to eat a big meal – I don’t known about anyone else but I have a rather prominent food baby after a good meal – or have an unfortunate bloating moment, the waist elastic still never gets too tight, and forms a very wide band capable of covering most of the stomach, so they’re a lot comfier than the well-known button-undone jeans without having to pull them down at all. I have rather long legs for my height; being 5’10” but having a very long inside leg I struggle to find trousers that go all the way to my ankle, however the Pi Yoga Pants aren’t just long enough but actually have length to spare! They will fit absolutely fine on shorter legs though, and if you want to pull them up to half length etc the elastic has plenty of space to go over any part of the leg, including the knee. They are truly one of, if not the most, best fitting yoga pants I have ever come across. This remains true to the important but sadly often forgotten point that not only yoga, but fitness in general, can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pi yoga pants excellently embrace this.

I chose the Star Dust pair, which are a nice simple pale-greyish blue, to begin with but I will definitely be going with a brighter or patterned pair for my next order – I’ve got my eye on you Mystical Goddess. There are so many beautiful designs that it can be very hard to choose, but to start with I’d recommend going with a pair that matches your current workout tops. That way you don’t feel that you have to rush out and buy more. With most, if not all, of the designs, they’re so universal that you could wear them wandering around town as part of a chic and comfortable Boho outfit, at home doing the chores, as uber-comfy beachwear or on the mat: they’re suitable for every situation – the choice is yours! 

Sure, they may seem a little expensive at $40 a pair plus $23.99 delivery to the UK, but they went from placing the order to arriving through my letterbox in just a fortnight (from California!) and with the quality being so excellent the price really isn’t that bad (especially when you compare the quality vs the price that some UK companies charge). However, when ordering to the UK it is worth noting that you will get charged a decent customs bill, so it’s probably a good idea to get a couple people together and place a group order to reduce delivery and customs charges. This is the perfect excuse for your yoga class, if you attend one, to treat themselves to a gorgeous new pair of bottoms. However, they’re still worth every penny paid and I’m definitely going to be buying another pair as soon as possible. Plus, at the bottom of this post is a 20% discount code for you to use, and it never runs out! 

Pi Yoga Pants also come in Men’s, Children’s and Maternity, so there’s something for everyone. Again, this can be hard to come by when shopping for fitness or yoga wear in the UK. With the waistband being to stretchy and the material being so lovely and loose and comfortable I imagine they’d be absolutely perfect for expectant mothers, even if only as lounge pants, during all stages of the pregnancy. The children’s pairs are utterly adorable, and if the stitching is as sturdy as my pair they’ll withstand even some of the most rambunctious children’s activities, which is sure to make some happy mummies and daddies! The men’s designs are suitably simple and in subdued  colours such as black. After all,  I don’t know many men who would want a turquoise Save The Turtles pair personally (but to each their own!). 

Most importantly, Pi Yoga Pants have a wonderfully inspiring mission. 10% of the profits from every pair sold goes towards saving the sea turtles in Bali, with the current focus being restoring coral that was destroyed by previous dynamite fishing and increased water temperature (they sent a beautiful little information postcard in the package). And they’re definitely making changes for the better because one of the islands has stopped distributing plastic straws, switching to biodegradable bamboo straws instead! You can make a difference and help the environment and loom fabulous at the same time!
The pictures I’ve used for this post are non-modified pictures to help demonstrate my yoga at the beginning of my journey. At this point, I weigh 10st 3lbs, still get easily winded, and can’t for the life of me straighten both legs in downward dog. I’ll update periodically with my progress 😊 

Please feel free to use this discount code as many times as you like, and pass it on to yours friends so they can use it too! If you do use my code, tweet or Instagram me a photo; I’d love to hear from you all 🙂 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me a line either on email or Twitter and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Namaste x
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