This blog is primarily a logbook of my personal wellness journey, from anxiety and sleeping problems to fitness and general happiness. 

When it comes to natural management of physical and mental health, there are so many sources for herbal remedies, yoga advice, mindfulness etc. that it can be overwhelming and exhausting just choosing which to believe or not and follow or not; it defeats the object of looking in the first place!
As well as documenting my personal natural wellbeing journey, this blog will contain a selection of information on as many topics as I can find; think of it as a quick reference guide. There are almost too many remedies being waved in our faces nowadays, and I want to make finding an answer as simple and easy as possible.

If you want to see a post about something specific, get in touch! My e-mail address is on the contact page and I’m always open to a DM on Twitter 🙂 just search for YoginiWishes and follow me. 

Let the inside-and-out self-improvement program begin! Namaste x