I Am A Yogini, I Am Me

I am a yogini. I try my hardest to do half an hour of yoga a day.

I am me. Sometimes, I don’t get out of bed until 11, and then play video games all day!

I am a yogini. I try to make sure my body gets all the nutrients it needs.

I am me. I sometimes order takeout pizza and chill for the evening with a glass of wine.

I am a yogini. I believe in the value of life, and that it all should be treated with respect.

I am me. I know full well that I could never become Vegan or Vegetarian, so I look for sustainable sources of meat and fish when I do purchase them.

I am a yogini. I own expensive yoga gear, funky leggings, a good sports bra and suitably ass-lifting undies.

I am me. I’m just as comfortable doing yoga in my PJs, with no make-up, even when my boyfriend is over.

I am a yogini. I do yoga in a proper studio, with a class, and I really enjoy it.

I am me. I equally enjoy doing my yoga at home in my living room, having a laugh with a friend at the same time.

I am a yogini. I can reach places of incredible peace and serenity, places that soothe my soul.

I am me. I am also still perfectly capable of blowing up over the smallest things.

I am a yogini. I aim to have my best control over my body and demonstrate grace and poise.

I am me. I have Tourettes, causing me sometimes severe facial twitches. I don’t care, and refuse to be embarrassed by it.

I am a yogini. I have met people who judge me based on my flexibility, on my size, on my diet, on my Tourettes, and on what I wear.

I am me. I don’t care what these people think, because it doesn’t matter if someone looks right, has perfect posture, is 100% vegan and has never had a lazy day in their life. There is one truth that makes a yogini a yogini. And it is this:


I am proud of who I am; all negatives, positives, and grey areas included.


I am a Yogini.

I am me.

I am happy.


1 thought on “I Am A Yogini, I Am Me”

  1. You are you and you are a yogini – one and the same!
    I love the balances you mention for example between class and home practice, fancy leggings and pjs. That’s me too!
    Keep exploring your yoga path, keep being brave but kind. Small magic may happen x

    Liked by 1 person

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